Wall now hating on the Butch

Labour just don’t know when to shut up. Now Louisa Wall is hating on the Mad Butcher, Sir Peter Leitch.

But Ms Wall, who is back in Parliament for a second stint as a list MP, said the comments were misinterpreted, and she shared the disappointment at Sir Peter’s support for Mr Key – despite admiring his work.

“We would have assumed Sir Peter was a working-class champion,” Ms Wall said.

“If you look at what the National Government has done, it has taken workers’ rights backwards.”

Ms Wall, who is contesting the safe Labour seat of Manurewa, said “personal is political”, and Sir Peter could not endorse Mr Key without endorsing his policies.

Labour’s arrogance and presumption of undying loyalty shows just how out of touch they are with the general populace.

What is more surprising than these thinly veiled attacks on Sir Peter Leitch is that they come from MPs associated and backed by the SFWU – the Service and Food Workers Union, the very people who work in Mad Butcher stores that will directly affected by these outbursts by, frankly stupid, Labour MPs.

Labour is no longer relevant to the vast majority of New Zealanders and these outbursts show us why.

I think I will go out and buy some meat from the local Mad Butcher outlet today, to show my support for them and The Mad Butcher. I ask that the Army does likewise, show up Labour for the nasty party they have become.