Friend, The shift has begun, Ctd

Chris Flatt told the base that the “shift has begun“. He was right. In all 5 polls last week Labour shifted down:

Fairfax/Research international poll, November 9:?Labour 25.9% DOWN 5.4%

One News/Colmar Brunton poll, 10 November:?Labour 28.0% DOWN -2.0%

Herald Digipoll, 11 November:?Labour 28.7% DOWN -1.2%

Roy Morgan Poll, 11 November:?Labour 26.0% DOWN -3.5%

3News Reid Research, 13 November:?Labour 29.9% DOWN -0.3%

5 polls in 4 days all showing the same thing, Labour is down

Chris Flatt was right the “shift has begun”, down and out for Labour.

And the pain starts all over again on Wednesday with the next series of polls.