Herald Digipoll

So much for the tapes being a “game-changer”. Good grief how many times have we heard that. Phil Goff said capital gains tax would be a game changer…it was, Labour dropped. Then he said that their super policy would be a game changer…it was Labour dropped. Then we have heard every leftwing commentator opine that the tapes were a game changer…they’re not. I’ve heard game-changer more that other stupid non-descriptions and group-think like “step-change”. I know for certain now that when a commentator says “game changer” it is completely the opposite.

The latest Herald Digipoll continues the trend of a yawning gap between Labour and National. The tea tape sag that was pushed by the media as a”game changer” simply isn’t.

National 49.9 per cent (up 0.4),
Labour 29.1 (up 0.4),
Greens 12.6 (no change),
Act 1.7 (up 0.2),
NZF 4.9 (up 1.2)
Maori Party 0.7 (up 0.2),
Conservatives 0.6 (down 0.4),
Mana Party 0.4 (down 0.4),
United Future 0.1 (down 0.6).

The bit that should scare people is this line:

But if Mr Peters broke his word, Labour would be able to form a Government with the support of New Zealand First, the Greens, the Maori Party and Mana – although Labour leader Phil Goff has said he would not work with Mana.

Winston Peters is a liar. He cannot credibly be believed the moment sound starts coming from his gob. If I heard a death rattle I still wouldn’t believe he was dying.

The problem is the media are addicted to Winston Peters, they are like needle starved smack junkies looking for that next great high. The problem with Winston Peters is he is like dirty smack, it just makes you sick or kills you.

The simple fact is that in order to govern Phil Goff needs Winston Peters, Hone Harawira, Russel Norman and Meteria Turei, Pita Sharples and Tariana Turia to all agree in order to govern. NOT. GOING. TO. HAPPEN.