Minor Leaders Debate

Guyon Espiner won the debate just because he was in charge.

Of the “talent” on show Tariana Turia and Russel Norman were the stand outs for me.

Tariana Turia oozed mana, and shamed out Hone Harawira for lying about national and some short gray haired pensioner standing next to her for duplicity. When Guyon Espiner brought the illegal tape it was Tariana Turia that showed respect, gravitas and integrity that other politicians would do well to emulate.

Russel Norman looked reasonable, sounded reasonable and actually made sense even on the ETS when he mocked Don Brash. The only time he looks distinctly uncomfortable was when he was asked about his party’s involvement in orchestrating mass vandalism of National’s sign.

Peter Dunne and Don Brash look old, doddery and out of touch with modern society. They should just go away and electorally die.

Hone Harawira is dumber than a sack of hammers. He doesn’t even know how Kiwisaver works. The man only repeats the lines Matt McCarten 30 minutes before he went on the show and he even bombs those.

Some other thieving, lying, corrupt bastard who looked shorter than Tariana Turia was also there but we do not speak of evil.