The Press debate – verdict

Far be it for this humble blogger to pass judgment on last night’s Press Leaders Debate.

Let’s leave it to the media commentators:

The Tory lickspittle and hard-right journalist John Hartevelt on Twitter said:

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Well known host of Tory dress up parties and fundraisers Vernon Small said:

Key had the audience eating out of his hand – a showman in top form.

A clear victory for the PM.

Clearly the Key fanboy he followed up that with an article this morning where he said:

If the first TVNZ debate was a narrow-points victory to Phil Goff, last night’s Press debate was not far short of a rout by John Key.

So we could believe a couple of hard-right journalists who probably used to work for some nasty Tory, or are just trying to improve their CVs for a job after the election or we could see what the the fair and balanced commentators at The Standard thought: