Does the Maori Party really believe this?

Yesterday I posted a photo taken from security camera footage of an alleged Christmas present stealer in South Auckland. There were quite a few comments.

One was from a Helen Leahy:

I like people to own their own comments. Helen Leahy at?least?posts under her own name, so kudos there, but she also posted using her state funded email address…from parliament.

So I searched for her and it turns out that Helen Leahy is the Acting Chief of Staff and ?the main communications person for Pita Sharples and Tariana Turia and a senior ministerial advisor. Apparently she is also well respected by members of the press gallery:

The Maori Party caused a small furore in the press gallery this week. A staffer sent round a form that journalists would be required to fill out if any of them wanted to interview their MPs on election matters. It took the intervention of the party’s long-time adviser Helen Leahy, who carries much weight with journalists in the press gallery, to calm raised hackles. She made a quick bolt downstairs to assure them that the Maori Party wasn’t suddenly blocking access to its MPs.

She may not block access to Maori party MPs, but she sure as hell is justifying the theft of Christmas presents as justified because “whites stole from” her. Kia Kaha Mean Maori Mean indeed!

I wonder if Pita Sharples or Tariana Turia condone comments like that from senior ministerial advisors?

UPDATE: Helen Leahy has called me and categorically denies posting this comment. I have advised her I will update the post to reflect this. I will also make a note on the comment that it is from an impostor.