Final Results posted

The Electoral Commission has released their final results.

As expected the Greens have picked up a seat and National dropped one, such are the vagaries of MMP and special votes.

The biggest upset is National taking Christchurch Central off Lord Burns of Marlborough, who because of his low list ranking will now have to reitre to his country estate. He could still ask for judicial recount.

Paula Bennett has lost Waitakere by 11 votes. This will likely result in a?judicial?recount also, but if I was the spiteful type, and I am a bit I would look at a electoral petition in Waitakere. I would do so for a number of reasons. Firstly, there will be numerous strange votes and overturning just 11 votes should be a piece of cake. Secondly if there was any dodgy stuff going on in Waitakere with the unions and dodgy voting and dodgy spending then you could get Carmel Sepuloni on a corrupt practice charge ensuring she would never return again.

Farrar has some boring statistics about the results.