One down, three to go

Carmel Sepuloni losing her seat in Parliament helps Labour shed their nasty party image. Carmel was graceless and gormless, but still rated as an up and comer in the nasty faction in caucus, which has been led for far too long by Trevor Mallard.

If David Shearer wants to reconnect with New Zealand he needs to rid his party of the malignant influence of the nasty caucus, sending Mallard, Sue Moroney and Darien Fenton the same way as Sepuloni has gone. A true leader would discretely tell them to leave and they would, but they might be inclined to fight a bit so there might need to be some ritual sacrificing at which point the other two would discretely leave.

Word is that H2 is back over Christmas and as the most formidable ritual sacrificer, in modern New Zealand political history, the nasty caucus are in trouble especially as there is apparently a fair bit of UN solidarity at the moment.