Paula Bennett is “more genuine”

Paula Bennett has won Waitakere after the judicial recount.

Carmel Sepuloni when she was declared the winner after the special votes were counted said:

??I don?t think?Paula Bennett?has been good for Waitakere,? she said.

?At the end of the day, the voters have spoken. And despite the fact it is close, it just goes to show that there are 11 more people that think she wasn?t [good].

After a proper count before a Judge has been completed it looks like the people of Waitakere think Paula Bennett is just fine by them and in fact there are 9 more people who disagree with Carmel Sepuloni’s supposition.

When Sepuloni was first selected she said she was:

“more down to Earth, more authentic, more genuine”.

Turns out the voters think otherwise. With a judicial recount though it helps Labour start towards cleansing their reputation as the nasty party.

I doubt Labour can afford an electoral petition they didn’t even have a lawyer present for the judicial re-count. Even if they did have a petition history shows that only several things result, the Labour person gets convicted of a corrupt practice and National’s majority increases.

One good thing for Labour though is that with Paula Bennett winning, National won’t need their own electoral petition to highlight the dodgy and?arguably?illegal voting and registration practices of Carmel Sepuloni and Labour.