Disappointment for Brian Rudman

Some legacy technology theatre isn’t getting public money to rebuild.

At least someone on the Christchurch City Council is thinking sensibly. When your city is rooted you don?t need multiple theatres. As it is the place is infested with them, and all suck the life blood out of rate payers and tax payers.

Papali’i’s paper recommends approving grants of $100,000 to the Court Theatre and $250,000 for the rebuilding of The Loons’ Lyttelton theatre.

Haven’t the people of Christchurch worked out that silent movies where the technology that took over from theatre, talkies took over from silent movies, TV took over from movies and those of us in the modern world use HDTVs and stream shows over the internet. Theatres where only a small number of people can watch are a very expensive way of showing drama. Especially when the bigger drama is all the poor people who have lost their love ones ? or houses in the the earthquake.