Whaleoil Redux 2011 – Q4 – December

December – 661 Posts

While David Shearer was running his campaign against David Cunliffe the Maritime union was busy shutting down the Ports of Auckland.

Any sympathy they might have had from the general populace evaporated when bloggers leaked their salary details.

I wrote a column for NBR.

Another rich prick was spotted on the wharf.

The Young Nats endorsed David Cunliffe with a “bloody exciting” video:

Labour seemed to have trouble sending their emails again so I helped out.

With all the VRWC backing Shearer and with the revelations of his plotting being conducted at a BBQ at Matthew Hooton’s house afte the election I call David Shearer the Manchurian Candidate.

Sue Moroney forgets who won the election and continues the nasty.

Chris Trotter explained how to commit economic treason and sabotage.

I went hunting. Apparently I am a bush assassin and should have used a helicopter for proper hunting. Either way the freezer is full of nice Red Deer.

I bust the Remuera Rackets Club Rampant Rooter.

I explain the Sabbath and what it means to me.

Kevin Campbell rants about deaf people, following up his stunning propensity to say and do stupid things.

Carmel Sepuloni goes nasty on her victory in Waitkare….nek minnit…she is handed her arse after a recount.

I went on Breakfast to discuss the Law Commission report on blogging and journalism.

Sue Moroney is the Queen of Nasty.

I published the letters from Ports of Auckland that the union described as “filthy,?reprehensible, repugnant literature”, they weren’t

The Maritime Union then?blames their continued strike on me?because I published the letters.

Darien Fenton picked a fight with a blogger.

Peter Goodfellow made headlines again, for the wrong reasons.

I blog about Labour’s pending problems with resources.


I published a Guest Post about Charter Schools and how they would work.

I started my Whaleoil Awards voting: