A Grand Coalition?

After just two days in the parliament this new year Labour is?signaling?a truce of sorts. Winston Peters is overshadowing David Shearer, on almost every issue, and is now the de facto Leader of the Opposition

Actually they appear to be calling time on having to deal with Winston Peters and the Greens instead describing what sounds awfully like a grand coalition proposition.

Rather than delve into the debate, I wanted to raise whether there was an opportunity for a culture shift in the way opposition parties attacked the Government on specific BIG ISSUES like Asset Sales, like Growing Inequality, Like Children Living in Poverty. Some may consider this a broad coalition of the opposition, and to be frank post-election it will be an organic exercise.

Could it be an opportunity for doing things differently in opposition in an MMP environment ? your thoughts?

So she is proposing a Grand Coalition of Opposition parties not one with National. The problem is the hotch potch of pinko parties have seen the net result of co-habitation with Labour – ruin.

Nanaia Mahuta is touted as a future leader of Labour, she must have had authorisation from the leadership to fly such a kite on Red Alert.

I like the idea of their Grand Coalition, but i would like to see Labour’s leadership offer the idea up?formerly?but also have the leadership up for contest between Shearer, Peters and Norman/Turei. They could tour the nation building broad consensus for their Grand Coalition then have a vote for who should be the leadership team.