Grant Robertson reheating The Standard?

I watched Question Time today and saw Grant Robertson asking his questions with his usual shock and awe approach…but something just didn’t ring true about his revelations:

It was really a nasty little smear that he launched there. But it just sounded like we had heard all this before.

And it would seem that he is in fact reheating an OIA request that The Standard ran way back in October 11, before the election.

So this is not new and Labour appears to have The Standard acting as their research unit.

The EC considered all of this in the decisions it reached.

So actually, the PM has been totally open and transparent, and Grant Robertson and Labour are so bereft of ideas they are now running lines that flopped on a blog a month before the election.

All the ahhhhs, and grimaces from Labour are now surely contrived in a bid to manufacture a?story?out of something revealed publicly several months ago. I just bet the media breathlessly report all this tomorrow as some sort of new revelation.