No means No? Again

Winston Peters attacked Whanau Ora yesterday and again today but Tariana Turia isn’t lying down for the wig wearer:

A bitter and personal battle is underway between Winston Peters and Tariana Turia over Whanau Ora funding.

The New Zealand First Leader’s criticised the scheme, claiming it’s wasting taxpayer money.

But the Whanau Ora Minister has responded claiming Mr Peter’s partner, Jan Trotman, has done work for the Waipereira Trust, a Whanau Ora provider.

“Yes it is true, she was a consultant in 2010 and 2012,” she says.

“Why would he be criticising Whanau Ora when within his own household they are benefiting from it by being employed within it?”

But Winston Peters says the allegation is false.

“Well she can make allegations but the answer is no.”

We all know what happened the last time Winston Peters emphatically declared “No”….it actually meant yes.

Hmm the word of an honourable member or the word of a proven liar?