Helping Grant out, Ctd

Yesterday I blogged about Grant Robertson’s site garnering ideas for the improvement of Wellington.

Grant Robertson is Deputy Leader of the Labour party and he hasn’t got a single logo anywhere and never mentions Labour — how is that for faith in the new leadership/party?

The site also doesn’t have a parliamentary crest on it,?suggesting that Grant has paid for this himself…it can;t be Labour that paid for it because there isn’t any Labour logos.

However his parliamentary staffer has designed the site:

Grant Robertson??Thanks Scott, it was designed by the fabulously talented?Kurt Sharpe.

And registered it to his home address:

registrant_contact_name: Kurt Sharpe
registrant_contact_address1: ** H***** St
registrant_contact_city: Wellington
registrant_contact_province: Wellington
registrant_contact_postalcode: 6012
registrant_contact_country: NZ (NEW ZEALAND)
registrant_contact_phone:?+64 27 622****
registrant_contact_fax:?+64 27 622****

registrant_contact_email:[email protected]

His electorate office is the contact – yet there’s no hint of who paid for it….though with the involvement of his staff member it is looking like we won’t be troubling the a rocket scientist with the figuring out.

The site also appears to be hosted offshore…clearly Grant Robertson doesn’t think much of Buy NZ Made when it comes to public advocacy.

He is also harvesting email addresses and phone numbers yet there is no open declaration of what they will be used for. ?Remember he was busted for dubious privacy behaviour with his sevens petition – this looks like exactly the same thing.

Some things never change with the Labour party.