Sensible on Drugs

? The Trentonian

Some sensible comments on drugs:

Philip Diaz, a distinguished social worker with more than 35 years of experience in drug prevention, said, ?Gov. Christie is one of the few enlightened governors who understands that addiction is a disease and criminal behavior is a part of the disease, and he understands they need to be treated and not punished.?

Diaz said Christie?s plan is ?compassionate? and ?fiscally appropriate,? adding that he believes ?it will set a national model? for how to tackle the cycle of crime and addiction in the United States.

Christie said New Jersey?s annual incarceration cost is $49,000 per inmate, whereas putting an offending drug addict in rehab can cost half that amount over the course of a year. ?We have statistics that will convince you that those who?ve gone through the current Drug Court program, those who get treatment, are significantly less likely to fall victim to recidivism than those who don?t go through the program,? Christie said.