Slow Learners

The Maritime Union has, as predicted, lost another legal battle. The Maritime Union seems to be struggling with the concept that it is no longer legally able to shut down the ports of a whole country in 1950s style workplace terror attacks. Secondary strikes, sympathy strikes and general strikes are all illegal. This si now the third time they have tried it on, and the third time they have been told to work.

Lyttelton Port has been granted an injunction forcing unionised staff to work on ”blacked” ship Lisa Schulte.

About 150 members of Maritime Union of New Zealand (MUNZ) and Rail and Maritime Transport Union (RMTU) have been called off picket lines, which they had manned since midday following the Employment Court ruling.

The dispute began on Tuesday, when union officials indicated Christchurch members would refuse to work the Lisa Schulte because it had been worked on by non-union staff at Auckland.

MUNZ Lyttelton organiser Les Wells said the action was to show solidarity with Auckland union members.

This morning,?Ports of Auckland?announced?it was making 292 wharfies redundant and forcing them to reapply for their jobs. It would contract out work on its container wharves.

Manning the picket line before the injunction was imposed, MUNZ member Mike Will said: “This is not just about us, but workers all across the country.”

Earlier today port chief executive Peter Davie said the action was a secondary strike, which was illegal.

Despite this Davie said Lyttelton staff were ”really great to work with”.

“This isn’t our fight,” he said.

“We don’t have a fight with our staff. Our staff have been really great to work with.”

What is really disgusting about the action at Lyttelton, apart from being illegal, is that there were may supplies for the rebuild of Christchurch aboard the ship. One of my commenters noted this:

I have a container on the Lisa Schulte.? We urgently need the shipment for urgent Canterbury rebuild work.? If it is held up by illegal strike action, I will be encouraging my shipping company to take action against the illegal strikers for damages.

Haven’t the people of Christchurch suffered enough without the added depredations being visited on them by an uncaring Maritime Union?

It is disgusting that the Maritime Union will hold up re-build intiatives in Chrsitchurch in order to prove a point in Auckland. Luckily our courts are upholding the rule of law.

The Maritime Union and their nasty mates from America who are advising them need to be told to sling their hooks and leave the people of Christchurch alone.