Might be a good thing

? Manawatu Standard

Henk van Helmond is a bully and is currently in court charged with extortion. Regular readers will know that this is the guy who runs CYFSWatch blog. He also threatened me with a beating and throwing bricks through my windows. He also issued Sue Bradford with a death threat.

Just so you know he also goes by the Twitter name of kiwi1960_1. He likes abusing people…a lot….especially John ?Key and me.

He is a angry bitter man, one of the Angry Dads club, men who think that the government has a conspiracy of feminist Judges and collusive government departments depriving them of their kids when the fact is they are abusive bullies.

He set about threatening two lovely women who contacted me after Googling his name…After hearing of his story of tyranny?against?them and the?blackmail?attempt I advised them to go to the Police. I am pleased to see that they did.

Apparently he is near death without his computer…and as usual it is all a government conspiracy:

A sickness beneficiary accused of demanding money from a woman has told a court he may die before his next appearance if he cannot be reunited with his computer.

In the Dannevirke District Court yesterday, Henricus Geradus Van Helmond appeared before Judge Bridget Mackintosh on the rare charge of extortion.

The Woodville 51-year-old entered no plea, after limping into the dock using a crutch and carrying a heap of papers, one of which he passed to the judge.

Court documents say that on January 18, in Woodville, Van Helmond demanded $2000 cash from a woman.

Initially Judge Mackintosh didn’t want to have a look at any bits of paper Van Helmond handed forward, telling him to wait until his next appearance, which will be in the Palmerston North District Court next month.

“I may not be alive then,” Van Helmond said.

So the judge had a look at an A4 sheet.

He wanted his computer back from police after they seized it.

“All my diabetes data and MS data is on [there],” he said.

“All my skin is coming off my hands, all because my diabetes is all over the place, and my data is on that computer. I can’t wait that long, the data is needed today.”

Police prosecutor Sergeant Ollie Outtrim said the computer was with analysts in Wellington, but he would phone the officer in charge to see how long that might take.

“This is just an attempt to blackmail me into pleading guilty,” Van Helmond said.