Why the left hate Anne Tolley

There’s a nasty little hate-filled column on education in the SST yesterday (not online) which does the newspaper no favours.

Anthony Hubbard trots out an entirely predictable attack on charter schools, using NZEI darling and government hater Ivan Snook’s “evidence”. Farrar discusses the perils of relying on Snook’s “evidence”.

Oh Ivan Snook. Having Ivan Snook attack the Government?s education policy is as surprising as having Sue Bradford attack the welfare policy. Professor Snook has spent decades as a champion of socialism, and fighting almost every educational initiative since and including Tomorrow?s Schools. You can?read his own version of it here.

Even Trevor Mallard when Education Minister?commented:

Ivan Snook advises teachers to continue with their professional reading. I would endorse that advice, with the proviso that teachers find someone other than Ivan Snook to read.

For once I agree with Trevor.

As usual though, there is no mention in the Hubbard article of the twenty per cent of kids who are failing. Or any suggested alternatives which might help. It’s all class war and how dare the right have an opinion on an education system which the left has run to its own advantage (but not kids) for years.

Of course there is no mention of the massive defeats suffered by the unions over national standards and wage claims at the hands of Anne Tolley. But Hubbard does have a go at Tolley, for being stolid and stubborn.

The truth is Tolley refused to bow down to the unions, and parents are now getting better school reports than at any time in the past.

She faced down the likes of Frances Nelson, Ian Leckie and the well-financed NZEI campaign against Standards. She also stared down Kate Gainsford (better known as Mrs Brent Edwards of RNZ) over the PPTA’s ludicrous wage claims. The likes of Mallard, Moroney, Carter and Hughes couldn’t dislodge her, and nor could their buddies at Red Radio.

Anne Tolley put kids and parents first. No wonder she is hated by the left.