Face of the Day

? The Telegraph

Gareth Malone is often accused of being gay….he famously retorts: “I may be stylish, but I’m not gay”.

His accusers believe that ?any display of emotion, crying, heart, feeling? mark out a man as gay, Malone said. Singing is also widely perceived as a female pastime, he added. ?It?s an ongoing problem and I think it?s been the spine of all my work.

?Boys don?t sing. They just don?t want to open up or they don?t want to make idiots of themselves or believe that singing is only acceptable under certain circumstances. ?It?s a bit gay? – that?s one I?ve heard a lot. ?Singing makes you gay!? ?Singing gay-ifies you!??

Reflecting on his schooldays in Bournemouth, Malone told Radio Times that he found salvation through his love for classical music. ?But it is just ghastly – you have those moments where you don?t want to get up and go to school.

?I was always on the edge of exploding into violence – I definitely have a temper – but I never did because I always somehow didn?t want to lose my dignity. It never quite got to, ?I?m just going to lamp them?, but looking back I kind of wish I had because it would have solved it.

?I am not endorsing violence, but maybe it would have been better to just have a bit of a scrap in the playground.?