Perhaps a counter campaign?


?A campaign by the Service and Food Workers Union and supported by more than 50 organisations calling for all New Zealanders to be paid a ”living wage” will be launched ahead of this week’s Budget.

The union is concerned there will be little in Thursday’s Budget for low-income New Zealanders.

A living wage is defined as an income which allows workers and their families to not only survive but participate in society.

The launch in Auckland’s St Stephen’s church in Ponsonby on Wednesday follows similar campaigns overseas in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

A coalition of organisations involved in the campaign have begun calculating how much a living wage would be in New Zealand using an independent economist.

But a figure is not expected to be announced at the launch.

So a bunch of union whingers are going to campaign for something they haven’t even worked out yet?

How about a bunch of employers launch a counter-campaign, called the “Productive and employable people” campaign, seeking staff?who:

  • Look for opportunities to improve their own employment situation, by up-skilling and moving up the employment ladder now and then rather than complain about being on minimum wage year after year.
  • Reflect on why they are still only earning minimum wage at, say age 40+ or after 10+ years in the employment market.? If you’re earning minimum wage at age 40+ and you’re not a very recent immigrant, had significant health issues or just had piss-poor bad luck in life, then most of the problem is looking at you in the mirror.
  • Put pressure on?unions to earn their fees by assisting them to identify areas for improvement?in their employability and help to bridge those gaps rather than spending their?union fees on propping up the corrupt, inept and nasty?Labour Party.
  • Don’t turn up to work late, stoned, drunk, overweight, generally useless and with an attitude to match.
  • Understand?(or are prepared to learn) that employers set?wages based on the value they perceive you add, and their ability to substitute you for another lemming.? Want a wage rise?? Then add value.? Employers can only raise their prices if they are confident their customers will agree that the value in the product or service remains after the price increase.? Employees need to reflect on the same.

This may perhaps a little harsh for a handful of people out there, but accurate for most of the vocal protestors.