Ron Paul surging?

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A regular reader sent in his take on the Republican nomination tussle. I’m a regular reader of several American blogs and he seems to be right in saying the MSM are ignoring the movement of Ron Paul in attempting to hoover up delegates.

Just read the expected Gingrich drop out news on Stuff – normal copy-paste job from Reuters.

Of course, no mention of the fact that Ron Paul is sweeping US state delegates all over the place. I don’t expect NZ media to have the foresight to pick up on it, but Mainstream US Media is refusing to admit that he has closer to 400-500 delegates and rising (as opposed to the 80 or so they list him with), and a nearly certain name on the candidate list at the the GOP’s Tampa Convention. The only way Romney will have the 800+ delegates they’re forecasting him with is if all Gingrich’s delegates go to him – and people are saying his delegates would go 60/40 – Romney/Paul. Santorum’s delegates always stood against Romney so they’re are switching to Ron Paul, and the ‘bound’ delegates that support Ron Paul, but are bound to voting for Romney, are going to (legally) abstain from voting in the first round of voting at the GOP Tampa Convention, which means they then becoming unbound in the second round – they’ll then be voting for Ron Paul in the second round. He’s going to wind up as the next US President at this rate, and nobody is willing to admit it.

I’m guessing you’re up with the play, but if not, check out, and the Doug Wead blog. Rachel Maddow is also calling it true, check out YT vids.? They’re about the only places that aren’t burying their head in the sand over what’s happening. The establishment doesn’t want him, but they’re not gonna be able to vote-rig fast enough to keep him out for much longer. Ron Paul will make huge waves at the convention and probably win it through his delegate strategy. He’s a far superior candidate to beat Obama in the general election. Romney simply can’t beat him.

It’s gonna make all mainstream media look like completely inept idiots, if not corrupt, when it all comes to a head. Sorry for the rant, but considering Ron Paul (if he can get Congress to work with him) will stop the war-mongering and start fixing the economy (and thereby helping our own), New Zealand should be up with the play here.

4 more years of Obama or Romney is 4 more years of NZ soldiers fighting their war, and I’ve lost enough friends in that.