Smart play by a greenie

? Sydney Morning Herald

A very smart play by a greenie in Australia.?Get it out in the open and it is no problem any more…and her enemies look like a pack of heartless bastards.

IT IS less than a kilometre from Kings Cross to Sydney Town Hall. But, for Irene Doutney, it has been an epic journey.

The Greens councillor for the City of Sydney, who will recontest her seat at Town Hall this September, never expected to be telling her story publicly. Her past life, racked with mental illness and drug addiction, was kept firmly locked away. Only a few close friends and senior members of her party were aware of her background.

But, after the Greens learnt that one of Ms Doutney’s opponents in the election was compiling a dirt file on her, she decided to tell her story to the?Herald.

“It’s been an albatross around my neck,” she says. “It was always my concern it would pop up somewhere, and it didn’t, so I got lulled into a sense of security. Now it has become an item out there in the political sphere.”