Mike Williams and the Hipkins’ Standard

Everyone knows that Labour uses crony appointments to allow its office holders to earn a crust so Labour doesn?t have to pay them. Former Labour President Mike ?Fat Tony? Williams was the prime example. Mike had a heap of board positions (five) paying him an awful lot of money and putting him well into the 1%. Di Yates was another Labour flunky bestowed with four board appointments presumably on the basis of her strong union?affiliations?and general uselessness.

Thanks to Chippie coming up with the Hipkins’ Standard, which we will assume is going to be Labour policy or Hipkins will be a hypocrite, Labour will no longer be able to use government appointments to fund their office holders.

This could be the single most valuable contribution Chippie makes to politics in New Zealand.

No longer will the tax payer be burdened by having useless Labour Party members, office holders, union hacks, hangers on and other bludgers on high paid government appointed boards. We should all thank Chippie for his valuable contribution to our country.