When will Winston ever tell the truth?

? NZ Herald

Yesterday in parliament Winston Peters again attacked Whanau Ora, and again has been found to have lied through his teeth:

Winston Peters has once again demonstrated his love for political theatre by creating a great melodrama out of a series of unproven facts said Tariana Turia following question-time today.

Mr Peters has cast doubt on the value of Wh?nau Ora ? speculating about the spending of ?$174 million of hard-earned taxpayers? money?some of which is in this audit here?when many providers are using it to pork-barrel, and rort, and commit fraud?.

?Problem is ? and it?s a problem for Mr Peters ? the organisation he referred to in the House today has never received any funding from Te Puni Kokiri; it is not part of a Wh?nau Ora Collective ? and in actual fact in the audit he referred to there was no mention of Wh?nau Ora.

?Mr Peters makes allegations at his whim about Wh?nau Ora ? and deserves to be challenged about the veracity of these claims. Sadly his attempts to undermine Wh?nau Ora will not work because there is no truth in these claims.

It does Winston Peters no good at all to constantly hurl accusations only to be met with the facts. It just sheets home the impression that Winston Peters is a natural born liar and still the unchallenged king of political corruption.