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Macsyna King wants an apology from?the?public after the coroner found that Chris Kahui killed her children.

Macsyna King, the mother of the murdered Kahui twins, wants an apology from you and me. She is claiming exoneration in the light of this week’s release of the coronial inquiry into the murder of her boys.

The 31-year-old mother-of-six – and her lawyer Marie Dyhrberg – says she’s suffered the most appalling suspicion and vilification for a murder she didn’t commit, and for which coroner Garry Evans says she was in no way responsible.

She can…and excuse my language here…get fucked. She deserves no apology and here is why…the most well written reason why, as well;

Macsyna is a proven bad mum. Of the six children she has bought into this world, she appears currently responsible for none. Admittedly two were murdered. But when Child, Youth and Family took the last child into its care, it was quoted as saying the child was “malnourished” and “neglected”.

Second, she is a self-confessed doper and drunk and just happened to be one during the care of both the Kahui twins and her youngest 12-month-old child. Everything about her care, according to testimony at the Kahui trial, ran counter to the most basic concept of mothering.

That included the seeming indifference to the plight of the prematurely born twins when first brought into this world at at Starship hospital. Red flags were apparent even then.

And let’s never forget the pathologist report. That the children had suffered broken bones days and weeks before their fatal bashing.

Then there was her immediate post-murder reaction. The police described all involved – including herself and her half-brother – as obstructive. The impression that we received was of someone selfish and self-absorbed, satiated only by substances. I still have that impression and the whininess of this week only acts as further evidence. But mostly Macysna – the reason that you won’t be getting a sorry – is that you are the embodiment of all that is wrong with our welfare indulgence. You are exactly the kind of person who shouldn’t be having kids because you can’t really care. The nurturing gene is absent.

We have seen. We have observed. And whether you were in that bedroom that night or not – we know that there is a stain you can’t wash out no matter how many reports, how many lawyers, and how many tears you may wish to shed.

Because the truth is: if you had been a half-decent mum, the Kahui twins would be alive today.