Laws advice to Key

? Sunday Star-Times

Michael Laws has some advice for john key for his meeting with Tariana Turia:

When this week’s planned meeting does take place, Key should do more than politely nod. He should inform the Maori Party that the wider electorate has had enough of Maori separatism and privilege in any guise. That while such sentimentality and sensitivity may be indulged during brighter times, it is just liability when the economy is in dire straits. Especially when ordinary New Zealanders ? Maori and non-Maori ? are fighting a daily struggle to make ends meet. And losing that struggle, in too many cases.

The idea that more rewards, more favours and more tax finances should be delivered to one segment of the population ? simply because of their culture and their colour ? is inherently wrong.

The Treaty may be our guide, but it can never be an arbiter. It’s a simple truth. And this is the season to deliver it.