Colin Craig – Abuse makes you Gay

So Colin Craig has shown his truly homophobic colours and said on The Nation yesterday that (according to him): ?homosexual men, they are statistically far more likely to have suffered child abuses as a child.?

He uses this ?evidence? to show that people choose to be homosexual because they suffered abuse as a child, and weren?t born that way.

A few questions for dear Colin:

  1. What sort of child abuse causes men to choose to be gay?
  2. Does being smacked as a child make you gay? How hard would the smack need to be to make you gay? How often?
  3. Does emotional abuse by adults cause homosexuality?? Like being marginalised, teased for being a fag, for being too ?femme? or being interested in other boys?
  4. Is it sometimes ?abuse? at the hands of adults or even other children because you were a little bit gay already?
  5. Could you have the most wonderful upbringing (by your definition) with heterosexual parents and still be gay?? Hmmm, but surely something went wrong along the way?? God forbid they were Born that way ? I guess that might make them in God?s image. Oh, that?s right God is a man and heterosexual? probably white too?
  6. Colin, you were very specific that only homosexual men are ?that way? because they were abused as children? what makes lesbian women?
  7. Why would anyone choose to be gay?
  8. Even if it as you say that blokes are “turned gay”…then can they be “turned back”?
  9. Even if it as you say that blokes are “turned gay”…then why are you still opposed to them being able to marry?
  10. Doesn’t that victimise then further?
  11. Can gay really be prayed away?

Perhaps there are some other helpful questions that Colin has all the answers to.? Feel free to add them to the comments.? I will see if we can get some answers.