MMP review: The tail still wags the dog

The Electoral Commission has released its recommendations in its report on MMP.? It looks the tail gets to wag the dog just that little bit more.. if they are a medium sized party.

The only real recommendations are:

Change the party threshold from the current 5% down to 4%

Remove the overhang from electorate seat wins by any parties which do not make the proposed 4% threshold

Remove any additional seats arising from one seat electorate wins ? e.g. Epsom or Ohariu.

So, effectively the biggest changes proposed are that the Parliament should be capped at 120, a change in the threshold to 4%, and get rid of the one electorate seat getting you extra list seats.


The winners from this are the smaller though more organised parties – (they account for most of the dog’s tail):

The Greens

The Conservatives

New Zealand First


The tip of the tail (otherwise known as the one seat wonders) are the losers:

John Banks

Hone Harawira

Peter Dunne


Both National and Labour look as though they could both get a coalition partner out of the change however bloody Winston will be a pig in shit once again.

Only upside for the political parties is they can give a collective sigh of relief that the Commission thinks it is a dumb idea to let the public decide the composition of lists.? Let?s face it, most voters struggle with the idea of having two votes.

I wonder where the voter?s voice was in among all this?


The Commission sends a final report to Crusher on 31 October.? It?ll be fascinating to see what changes occur with responses to the report over the next couple weeks.