See How The Taniwha Handles This

Stewart Murray Wilson, or the Beast of Blenheim, is moving next to Tariana Turia.

The Maori Party are pretty soft on offending, preferring to give offenders cuddles and chance after chance after finding all manner of excuse for criminal behaviour.

Wonder how Turia will cope as a NIMBY especially with her moko and household pets around?

Mrs Turia said she would like to look into the laws around re-housing sex offenders.

“While we as a town are dealing with this issue today, the bigger issue here is about the law.

“It is about protecting our communities from high risk offences. It is about the relationship between central government agencies and our local bodies. And it is also about mechanisms for ensuring that communities have a say over what happens within their district.”

And would her views be any different if the Beast was a member of her whanau?

Whanganui is a good gang town. ?I think Mr Beast is going to find it preferable to have stayed in jail.