That was then, this is now

2003: Rev Grant Storms leads a very high profile protest against a New Orleans Gay Mardi Gras. ?He said:

“I’m anti-decadence, I’m anti-depravity, I’m anti-sin,”

2012: Rev Grant Storms was convicted of obscenity after being caught masturbating in a public park near a children’s playground.

2003: Rev Grant Storms has grand plans.

As for Storms, he says he’s got even grander plans ? to eliminate public nudity and sex at Mardi Gras and beyond.

For example, Sin City, U.S.A. ? Las Vegas. “That’s our next stop ? schedule a flight to Las Vegas,” Storms said. “We want to take it to every city in the United States, wherever stuff goes on.”

2012: Ummm… don’t think you’ll be taking the anti-gay fight on the road just yet. ?What is it with the ultra religious that means so many end up being what they rail against or as some sort of pervert? ?I suppose he has the excuse that the devil made him do it.