Why Can’t National Conferences be like this? Ctd

The Republicans might not like sex before marriage or pooftas or immigrants much but apparently they don?t mind women getting their kit off to music. Tampa?s strip joints are gearing up for bumper profits during the Republican convention.

?I think what I said at the time was that we didn?t want to?become?the lap-dance capital,? said Bob Buckhorn, who is now Tampa?s Democratic mayor. Today, Buckhorn is less strident in his opposition but still takes no pride in his city?s notorious cultural offerings. ?There are plenty of other and better things to do in Tampa that are far less risky, both personally and professionally,? he said. ?They do not represent the best of Tampa nor is it something that we encourage people to visit.?

While some delegates will take Buckhorn?s advice to consider alternate diversions?he suggests Busch Gardens, the beaches of Pinellas County, and the Florida Aquarium as wholesome, family-friendly outings?the strip clubs are counting on at least some of the more than 4,000 delegates to risk their sterling reputations.

National conferences are very boring in comparison, although it is well known that certain cabinet ministers and board members like to frequent places of ill repute when out of the country.?