Forest and Bird hypocrisy


Forest & Bird logic at its finest:

So let me get this clear. ?Forest and Bird continue to block the Escarpment mine but want the government to subsidise the broken Springcreek mine to save the Coasters’ jobs… and it is all the fault of the government.

Hmmm… if the Coasters had somewhere else to work, a more profitable mine, then isn’t it likely they would choose to work there? ?Do Forest and Bird really think that Coasters will appreciate Forest & Bird’s continued objection to a new employer being set up on the Coast? ?The Government isn’t standing in the way of the Bathurst project – Forest & Bird are.

This is the sort of silly environmentalism that regional economies can’t handle.

Steven Joyce is right:

?The Escarpment Mine is an open cast mining project that is ready to go and would provide 225 jobs and incomes for workers and their families on the West Coast straight away,? .

?The developer is being held up from opening the Escarpment Mine by on-going litigation that has gone through the Environment Court, the High Court and the Court of Appeal.

?These on-going objections are to resource consents which were granted more than a year ago. The whole consenting process for this development has now taken a staggering seven years.

?I call on those objectors to the mine to reconsider their appeals and consider the economic future of the West Coast and its people.

?I also call on the EPMU, Labour and the Greens to join my call and back the West Coast community by supporting the immediate development of the Escarpment Mine.

The Opposition and unions are too busy playing politics to really care about the well-being of Coasters. ?There is a perfectly viable opportunity on their doorstep. ?Governments should never subsidise job creation schemes as Labour and the Greens would like – especially when there is a perfectly suitable private company willing to set up shop and provide real jobs.