Greens ask for another inquiry

Unsurprisingly the Greens are asking for another inqiry. ?Gee, it’s easy being Green… don’t actually come up with any suggestions yourselves just prod and poke and ask for inquiries.

Co-leader Russel Norman says Parliament can’t continue to sit on its hands while the crisis in manufacturing destroys thousands of jobs and drives Kiwis overseas.

He says in the past four years exports from manufacturing have fallen by over 12 percent and nearly 40 thousand jobs have gone.

Dr Norman says an inquiry is urgently needed into why this is happening and what can be done to stop it.

So, let’s just review how many inquiries the Greens have called for. I am exhausted just reading that.

Manufacturing job losses

The Dotcom Mansion raid.

Australian shipments of uranium passing through NZ ports.

The price of milk.

Hydraulic fracturing?(successful).

The death of SAS solider Leon Smith in Afghanistan.

SAS prison transfers in Afghanistan.

Charter schools.

South Canterbury Finance affair.

The police case against Urewera Four.

Leak of Ports of Auckland worker?s details.

Genetic experiments on animals.

ACC claims management.

ACC conflicts of interest.

The Sky City convention centre negotiations.

Alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka in 2009.

The Rena accident and oil spill response.

NZ?s dependence on imported oil.

Auckland transport on World Cup opening night.

Huawei?s involvement in ultra-fast broadband.