Diary of Comrade Kate, Ctd

Tuesday 2 October

Was in bad mood about that little prick Finlayson, he was waiting at the lifts to ask me why I hadn’t made a decision about Section 6A. Odious man, I?ve been stalling after that nice Andrew Little asked me to nearly four years ago. I?ll make a decision when Helen and I have decided it is the right time.

Day improved when I got an invite from my old mate Allen to go to his housewarming. He is a real comrade and his signalongs are always great fun. He sent me a nice bunch of union produced flowers when I beat Kens record by increasing union membership. Poor Allen has been getting hammered by the media over his new house, they don?t think he needs a house with a butlers pantry. Of course he needs a?butler, our comrade Lenin had loads of them. Silly tory press.

Prawns for lunch, not as good as the union produced prawns Allen will put on his barbie for his housewarming.