JT’s problem with the poofs

via the tipline

There are a number of rumours cycling through the tipline about Waitakere and JT’s membership application.

John Tamihere it appears is having a few issues with re-joining Labour so that he can take on Paula Bennett in Waitakere.

it seems that the rainbow faction is actively blocking his membership application. His application has been escalated to the National Council.

That particular course of action though is fraught with danger with the General Secretary being Tim Barnett and key and influential members of the National Council are also strong members of the rainbow faction.

Their grip on the party appears particularly tight and red-blooded Kiwi blokes just can’t get a look in.

It looks like JT’s forthright assessment of Labour’s front bench went down like a cup of cold sick, with one of those he affronted a loyal member of the rainbow faction.

This has all the hallmarks of being very messy with the rainbow faction treating Labour like some sort of exclusive single interest politically correct sauna club.