Timing for Shearer’s reshuffle

I understand that Nanaia Mahuta’s baby is due in December. ?Does this mean that Shearer will time the reshuffle in the middle of BBQ season – and after the birth of Nanaia’s baby? ?January perhaps?

At least he won’t look as though he is sacking a pregnant woman. ?Instead he will be targeting a woman with a new baby, a woman who is most likely sleep deprived and a woman who under all this stress may well develop post-natal depression?

So nice to see such inspired leadership from Shearer.

It is good to know he cares about women. ?Is Sue Moroney sure that Shearer put his hand up in support of her paid parental leave bill? ?Hmmm… may be there is an option for Shearer in that. ?He could pay Nanaia to stay away and have an ‘Acting’ Education spokesperson in her place.

Whatever he decides Nanaia is right. ?Shearer has lead the charge in attacking Nanaia for being a woman of childbearing age.