Greens talking to aliens?

I always knew the Greens were from another planet, now it appears we have proof:

THE Greens are facing a return to political obscurity following election backlashes across the country, but rather than devise a strategy to win back disillusioned voters, NSW Greens MPs have decided to turn their attention to alien life forms.

Despite losing three of their four seats in last weekend’s ACT elections and suffering a swing of almost 5 per cent against them – the Greens spent last Monday discussing how they could describe their party to extraterrestrials.

A copy of the NSW planning day agenda obtained by?The Sunday Telegraph?reveals Greens MPs were instructed to imagine they were talking to aliens to outline their policies.

Despite running for an entire day, not one specific policy is mentioned in the outline.

The revelations of the bizarre planning day come as political analysts predict the party will return to the electoral wilderness – with a disastrous showing across NSW in last month’s local government election, in which they suffered swings against the party of up to 15 per cent.