Sunlive Editor on Gay Red Top issue

This what an independant editor says about the “gay” shirt saga as?opposed to the big city sensitivities of the Herald and Fairfax.

The news industry has been in a frenzy with important stories this week. Nah, never mind who has become the leader of the world?s most powerful nation; or the state of the NZ dollar. We have bigger fish to fry.

Such as, a light-hearted quip by the PM that has been blown into orbit by PC wallies who have nothing better to do than pick at every little nitty bitty comment the man makes. For goodness sake, give the guy a break. He?s been running the country, with some ditzy coalition partners, through economic meltdown, earthquake, collapsing mineshafts and wonky NZ dollar levels and the most important reaction from the NZ public is to lambast him for gooning around on the radio that a red top looked a bit gay.

Here at RR we believe that anyone who gets excited about this story, or PM Key?s comment about gay red shirts, is well short of something to worry about. It?s the sort of comment most Kiwis make without even a second thought. Gay is not a banned word. In fact gay was a word without prejudice, until it was hi-jacked by a certain sector who now try to make a big deal whenever it?s used, for whatever reason.

Ian McKellan gets a serve too.

Even some scruffy old queer hobbit has climbed into the nonsense.? He is worried that the PM?s comments will be hurtful to some people.

We have to wonder at the level of PC garbage in our lives, when the prime minister can?t even make a flippant comment about the colour of someone?s shirt, while gabbling light-heartedly on mindless radio. And let?s face it, that?s mostly all you get on radio these days.

However, if it comes to a matter of credibility between a hairy old gay hobbit and the prime minister, I know who I?ll be backing. And we don?t mean that literally.