Hypocrisy, much?

So, Fairfax, it seems that after all the articles you’ve published against Asset Sales, you’re not above a bit of hypocrisy by selling some of your own?

I look forward to an editorial explaining how Fairfax selling assets to get cash to pay of debt is different to a government selling assets to get cash to pay off debt.

And with the number of NZ registered and active users of TradeMe, I’m also expecting Labour and/or the Greens to publish press releases announcing it will not allow the sale of this strategic national asset and will force nationalisation of TradeMe once they are in government.

I look forward to press releases from those parties announcing how the sale of a company that over 1 million ?New Zealand customers use is ‘business as usual’, while the sale of a few New Zealand farms requires all sorts of legal requirements to be met and exceeded.

And can I also look forward to a public comment from Selwyn Pellett, you know, the guy who sold his own businesses off-shore but surely will be against this one like he was against the sale of F&P?