Paepae on the hypocrisy of The Standard

It is not often I agree with Peter Aranyi, but he makes a cogent observation:

And I think the?controversy over ?Colonial Viper? and his implicit violence?against John and Josie Pagani over on The Standard shows what can happen when people act without restraint.

It interests me that Clare Curran has suggested that commenter (whose identity is known to her) should pull his head in, now, finally, with a complaint to the Labour Council. Where was that sanction when the Paganis were being pilloried day after day at The Standard?

The attack on John an Josie was scurrilous and excused away by other members including the sysop Lynn Prentice. Now they are all outraged that Clare Curran is trying to silence an pseudonymous bully.

It seems Peter also has picked up my meme about owning your own comments.