POAL fined today $40k but Garry has a short memory

Ports of Auckland has been fined $40,000 for bringing in an Engineer while MUNZ was on strike. Garry Parsloe is all over it.

?We need an agreement that provides increased flexibility while providing security and certainty to our members to enable them to have time with their family and to work in a safe manner. It?is time for the madness to stop and for the Port to be run by a management that values its workforce. Heads must roll ? deliberate illegal actions by management compel a firm response from?the Board and from the Council.?

He is trying to sheet home any financial costs resulting from his union’s strike actions onto POAL. He forgets that it was his union that went on strike in the first place…and he forgets that the engineer was called in because of OSH requirements.

This whole issue shows up the stupidity of that provsion int eh Employment Relations Act…POAL had to provide engineering skills, MUNZ was striking so POAL had to foly someone in from Australia…and as a result they have been fined.

What was POAL supposed to do, ignore OSH regulations and potentially cause an accident?

It just goes to show how?lackadaisical?Garry Parsloe, Helen Kelly and MUNZ are when it comes to safety…but then again when their own member throw twist locks under the wheels of straddle carriers you can;t really expect anything better.

So while Garry Parsloe is yelling form the roof tops about a fine for POAl perhaps he might also like to explain this:

Extract – 2005 MUNZ Financial Accounts for $340,000.00 Provision

Yep a cool $340,000.00 provision.