Asexual or dud roots?

Vice has an interesting article about asexual people…or as I prefer to?describe?them…dud roots:

Minerva isn?t gay. A fluid conversationalist, the Massachusetts native has been artfully rehashing this point for the last three hours.

“I have been told I could easily be mistaken as a lesbian,” she says, gesturing to her cropped, copper hair as evidence. ?Which is not a bad thing.?

Minerva isn?t a lesbian, she says, but she certainly isn?t straight. At 29 years old, Minerva, who asked that she be identified by the name of her?Tumblr,?has never had a romantic relationship. She calls herself “asexual,” meaning she doesn’t experience sexual attraction. To anyone.

To the deep chagrin of some members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, Minerva also uses the word “queer” to define her sexuality. A re-appropriated term of endearment for sexual minorities, “queer” is as emotionally charged as it is oddly exclusive, and there is an ongoing, online debate about whether she should feel comfortable using it to self-identify. In some corners of the internet, that debate has turned to all out war.

In October 2011, an outreach organization called Asexual Awareness Week released a ?Community Census? that polled data from over 3,000 asexual-identifying people. In the survey, more than 40 percent of respondents said they consider themselves members of the LGBT community, and another 38 percent said they consider themselves ?allies,? or supporters of the community.

The community isn?t so quick to oblige.

?Practicing sex/sexuality slightly differently, or not at all, does not make you queer,? ?Aria??wrote?in a Tumblr post earlier this year. ?People don?t shout ?queer? at an asexual person on the basis that they are not (sexually) attracted to anyone.?

Even the poofs think they are dud roots…basically if they aren’t rooting then they are duds. The gays aren’t having a bar of dud roots muscling in on their spot.?

In a similar?post, another blogger wrote: ?We have the right to our own community, we fought and died for our rights and for our queer spaces…? sure you can make a community to share experiences and get support, but stop trying to fucking appropriate ours.?

Even Dan Savage is mocking them:

In?(A)sexual, a 2011 documentary by Brooklyn-based filmmaker Angela Tucker, Jay?s efforts to destigmatize asexuality take center stage. An especially poignant scene shows the 30 year old activist at the San Francisco Pride parade, asexual literature in hand. As he attempts to pass a leaflet to a scantily-clad, presumably gay man, the man tells Jay he ?pities his soul? and walks away empty-handed. In another scene, Savage, probably the best-known contemporary gay voice there is, snickers at the mention of asexuals marching in Pride, and deems the concept ?hilarious.?

Could it just be a case of one end of the spectrum…the other being?promiscuous?shaggers of anything that moves?

Perhaps asexuals just need a bit of advice from Derek and Clive [WARNING: Definately NSFW]