Give Him A Push

Yesterday afternoon:

?Police and other emergency services spent the afternoon at the scene of what was described as a “serious and ongoing incident” at the Sky Tower in central Auckland City.

Police staff negotiated with the man who was on the ledge of level 54 at the location of the SkyJump cable-controlled base jump operation.

A large crowd of onlookers gathered at the scene and surrounding streets, including Federal Street and Victoria Street West, were cordoned off.


There’s nothing more selfish than people that choose not to deal with their problems, instead opting for the easy way out. Except that is, someone that chooses to draw attention to themselves in the process. People need to deal with their problems in the correct manner instead of dragging other people into their state of misery and making a spectacle of themselves for the sake of attention. Deal with your problems, not make them bigger. There are people and organisations out there to help, but they won’t go looking for you. All you have to do is give them a call. It’s easy, and a lot less shameful than sitting on the edge of a building looking like a f*ckwit.

They could have saved a few hours of standing there yapping to him and done it Chinese style:

There’s always someone to talk to:

Depression Helpline:?0800 111 757

Lifeline 0800 543 354

UPDATE: The stand off is over.

The agitated man threatening to throw himself off Auckland’s Sky Tower has been escorted down safely.

A?priest?and police negotiators have been with the man since for several hours.

The man threatened to throw himself off the bungy platform about 3pm.

Cordons were placed around Federal and Victoria streets where a large crowd had gathered.

UPDATE 2: Seems he absconded from a mental institution…he is back there now.

A man who threatened to jump from the Sky Tower in Auckland is safely back in the care of mental health services.

Waikato District Health Board is investigating how the man came to leave its Mental Health and Addiction Services?, where he was an inpatient, yesterday.

The man is back in the Henry Rongomau Bennett Centre on the Waikato Hospital campus, DHB communications director Mary-Anne Gill said.

The 108 bed facility provides minimum to medium secure rehabilitation for the Waikato DHB and Midland region.

DHB safety team leader Stuart Irwin recently said the facility was a dangerous place to work with more than 190 assaults against staff reported in the last financial year.