Poseur Alert – Turia smacks out Shearer for being a “poser”

Tariana Turia has not taken much time at all to sledge out David Shearer for attempting?to cuddle up to the Exclusive Bro-thren aka Ratana.

Labour leader David Shearer has said he will gun for the Maori Party electorate seats next year, exploiting the uncertainty in the party – but co-leader Tariana Turia has retaliated, saying Mr Shearer was a poser and Maori people would see right through him.


Mrs Turia, who is a Ratana morehu (follower), said Mr Shearer was a poser for turning up for the church service – a day which should be politics-free.

“I think it’s false, because his reasons for coming are not to honour the manaakitanga – his reasons for coming are to try and influence the morehu [followers] vote. It’s a laugh.”

She also rejected his claim that the Maori electorates were ripe for the taking or that the Maori Party was vulnerable.

“He’s got to stop posing and realise that Maori people no longer sit at home and believe all the garbage that comes out of Labour’s mouth.

“If they blithely think that’s just because we have a leadership change that the Maori Party won’t continue to function in Parliament the way it always has, they are quite wrong.”

Mrs Turia also called for the alliance between Labour and Ratana to end, saying it gave undue influence to one group of Maori to select a candidate for Labour.

Far from ending Labour is looking to further empower the?Exclusive?Bro-thren but making them a full affiliate with voting rights.

Labour attacked National because members of the Exclusive Brethren wanted to spend their own money in an election, they even wrote a law to attack such freedoms. Now they are cuddling up to their own cult church.