The moon landing was not a hoax: Video

There are heaps of conspiracy theorists out there, the think there were men on the grassy knoll, that the moon landing was faked and Robin Bain or his brother killed the Bain family.

Here is a video showing that neither Nasa nor?Stanley?Kubrick could have faked the moon landing:

I have always been fascinated by space travel. Back in college a friend showed me a?documentary?that proposed that the?moon landing is a hoax. The arguments were based on photography, videography, and lighting tricks and I remember thinking ?wow could this really have been staged?? Mr. SG Collins makes a pretty compelling argument claiming that neither NASA nor?Stanley Kubrick?were actually technologically capable of producing a video that could stand up to modern scrutiny. Collin?s photographic argument should put a final nail in the conspiracists? theory for good.?