Whale visits Bay of Islands

Here is your obligatory Whale post:

Visitors to the Bay of Islands were treated to a show they won’t forget when a whale frolicked and leapt from the sea in front of their boat for at least 15 minutes.

The humpback, a juvenile about 12m long, was leaping backwards with almost its entire body out of the water – known as “breaching” – near the Hole in the Rock about midday yesterday.

It was seen by the passengers and crew of the Tangaroa, a Fullers GreatSights vessel on the day-long “Cream Trip”.

Whale expert Jo “Floppy” Halliday, of Opua, was working as a guide on the boat when the young marine mammal put on a “fantastic show”.

“It was a good 15 minute encounter. He was doing all these backwards and side breaches, playing and flapping his pectoral fins. He was definitely having a lot of fun.”

The whale, which she estimated was about 6 years old, repeatedly swam close to the boat then powered down into the water before bursting out of the sea about 50m off the ship’s bow.

Whales are fantastic creatures, one day I hope to get up close to an Orca…