Phoenix ‘dead cat bounce’ or more sinister?

That must be one financial term that makes Gareth ?Cat Killer? Morgan wince.

Or, is there a lot more to this given what is happening in Australian sport given the?A-League has been implicated??? Victoria?s Deputy Police Commissioner Ashton saying A-League matches attract huge betting pools from overseas:

“We’re seeing vast increases in the betting pools in Asia on A-League soccer,” Deputy Commissioner Ashton said.?He added that one bookmaker alone had taken more than $40 million on one A-League match?.

Let us face it things are damn odd for a team that started the season so well (we?ll call that Phoenix ?BG?), which has gone onto have the worst goal difference by a country mile (Phoenix ?AG?).

Since our equivalent to Pel??put the ?cat among the pigeons? saying his team was going to play ?total football?, they managed to concede 7 goals against Sydney despite the lisping one?s tactical brilliance.

In spite of Morgan, the Phoenix miraculously staged a mini-comeback, drawing one game and winning another.??That lifted them from last on the A-League to a massive second to last.

Given they were?trounced 5-0 last night in Australia?last night that comeback was a dead cat bounce.

Radio LIVESport had a field day on what is going wrong with one host asking Gareth to keep away from Hurricanes training (there must be a Tui billboard in that).

Gareth Morgan?s inspirational leadership is allowing teams to play total football except it is against his team and not by his team.

In the last two away games, the Phoenix has conceded an amazing 12 goals.

Then again, given what?Victoria?s Police is looking into, if anyone has heard rumours of betting irregularities then please tell me via?the Tip Line.