Sledging Chris Christie

Not many people get a sledge on Chris Christie, usually he sledges himself with self deprecating humour.

Commentator Bill Kristol did though:

?Christie?s a very impressive pol. If he has a biology-related problem (and I?m not sure he does), it may turn out to be more his thin skin than his ample girth.”

Christie of course won’t complain…he will simply call people out like he did in 2009:

[H]is size has prompted questions, and attacks, since his first successful election in 2009 against Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine. He stood out for telling Corzine to ?man up and call me fat? after a TV ad with images that seemed to amplify his size.?

I don’t think Christie will mind, after all they are talking about him, and no one else.

Here is the full appearance of Chris Christie on Letterman: