The banning of a hateful troll, why I did it

trollI don’t like banning people, but?occasionally?I have to.

The troll I have banned is known on various places by the pseudonym “dotcom”. He also goes by the name John Bond and uses the email [email protected] The email is live but I am unsure if John Bond is his real name, but pretty sure his first name is John from metadata of images and documents he has sent me. His ip address that he used was? .

Progressively over the past few weeks “dotcom” has got worse and worse with his fixation on opposing marriage equality. His rants and ill informed debate about show more about his prejudices and self loathing than anything I have ever seen before.

On posts about marriage equality he launches into rants quoting disproven myths about gay sex, AIDS, HIV and the “gay lifestyle”.

The moderaters attempted to adjust his behaviour politely, but it made him worse, but now he was playing the victim, claiming that people were “trolling” his comments on my blog.

The final straws have come though. Firstly this comment on the blog post about Marriage Equality in France in response to reasoned?debate?by another commenter who was calling him on his bigotry:?

Okay. You pushed me beyond my limits. Alice. I just got in my car and went to the local public toilets, where two gay men are now lying and probably dying. Because of your interminable badgering of me, you drove my dislike of gays to where you set out for it to go. You drove me from disliking of you, to unbearable hatred of you. And I just took it out vicariously on two poor dirty public toilet dwellers loitering in my local public toilets without any condoms, promising bareback to me for free. You caused this Alice. You brought hatred upon not only yourself as a gay hugger, but on all gay people who have read this thread thus far.

Much and all as I like to see bigots, racists and other intolerant people mocked and ridiculed, that comment went beyond the pale. he has posted 502 comments on my blog, he will not ever post the 503rd.

He also posted this rant about being told off by moderators:

I do own what I say here, fucktard. You patronising cunt.

I don’t retaliate fuckwit, but making an exception with this post to the biggest idiot of all, the patronising cunt, Petal.. You don’t have to ban me retard. I already said I would go back to other sensible and less perverted blogs. Fuck your stupid perverted blog and its crazy perverted twisted and biased perverts who think it is normal to tell the whole world that they are dirty unprotected arse-fuckers of their wives. How dare people talk about their intimate sex lives with their own spouses like this, and think this is what sane people do. So-called moderators, my fucking arse. Filth mongers the lot of you.

You don’t have to Ban Button me. I’m gone, retards. But you will have to have the last say, anyway. You will not be able to resist. Won’t even have the decency to accept a resignation from me. Even mentally retarded control freaks to this peasant extent. Fuck you Petal, and fuck all who have to put up with you at your house, poor people. Fuck the Slater perverts house as well. Happy breakdowns Cam, you, the other patronising sick cunt. Bye now.

[And this is why we are about to have gay marriage fucking up our beautiful New Zealand – cos no-one can speak out against it.]

Now watch your comment numbers plummet again, as they did while I had a couple of days off. Idiots. Perverts.

Yeah, don’t let the door smack you in your precious little arse on the way out.

The second reason for his banning, as if I ever needed another one, was the fact he has been emailing other bloggers and nutting off at them about me, and demanding they de-link their sites to mine.

I gave him a place to debate, let him comment in?the?interests of freedom of speech and his repayment of that privilege is to attempt to shut me down?

It doesn’t work that way “dotcom”, and you are a nasty, vicious, hateful troll who needs to be outed.

If ever there was a time for Lily Allen’s song “Fuck You” it is now: